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Power BI Consultants


Direct to business consultancy. Outline how your business can leverage Power BI. Advise on data strategy and implementation of Power BI.

Power BI Development


The complete development life cycle from planning through to deployment. Building reports, dashboards, data modeling, licensing, sharing\distribution.

Power BI Optimisation


Are your Power BI reports slow to either rendering visuals, when cross-filtering or to import data?  We can investigate and assist with performance bottlenecks through the whole BI process.

Why iBI Background Medium


  1. iBI's primary objective is to add value by providing Power BI solutions that empower your business to grow.

  2. Our clients range from local businesses to government organisations.

  3. Professional approach to Power BI and how it can benefit your business.

  4. Direct to business - no agency fees and save 20-30% commission.

  5. Very competitive pricing compared to many specialist IT Consultancies.

  6. Small projects to full-scale BI Infrastructure implementation.

  7. Work on your project outside the scope of IR35.

  8. A personal approach from a growing BI Consultancy.

  9. Looking to create long term business relationships.

Clients have approached iBI with a variety of requests about reporting/data analysis​ and they typically fall into these categories: 

  1. Started building Power BI reports and hit a brick wall with DAX, Data Modelling, Sharing, etc.

  2. Unsatisfied with off the shelf software reporting requirements.

  3. Combine data from different systems to provide in-depth reporting across the organization.

  4. Stand-alone reporting tool to combine data in innovative ways not available in the marketplace.


If you are faced with similar challenges or would like to discuss if a Power BI project would be suitable for requirements then please reach out using the Contact details below.  



Power BI Data Modeling
Data Modeling

The data model is the foundation of your Power BI report. Underestimating the importance of a robust data model will result in a bloated, slow and complex report with potentially incorrect results. Understanding star schema and data relationships are the key to success  

Power Query
Power  Query

Provides the engine behind the data modeling process.  Power Query connects to multiple data sources, allows the data to be shaped to meet data analysis requirements, apply repeatable processes executed autonomously, etc. Leverage the M Formula Language to take full advantage of advanced features.


Leveraging DAX will allow you to build powerful measures designed to answer key business questions. Relying on implicit measures or the measure wizard will limit your report.  Understanding DAX will empower your reporting ability 10x and take your reports to the next level.  

Power BI Visualisation

To engage with your audience your reports need to intuitive and attractive to look at.  Using the correct visuals, background, drop effects and balanced colour themes will transform your report.  

About iBI Medium


iBI was started in 2018 with the aim of enabling businesses to leverage the power of data to seek insights into their business and gain a competitive advantage. iBI has since implemented Power BI solutions for UK and Overseas companies in a variety of industries from Marketing, Legal, Financial Services and Construction.

Taking the complexity out of Business Intelligence so our clients can focus on what important for their business is our primary goal.  Whether you are looking to harmonise data from disparate systems, build reports to focus your team's objectives, or gain market insights, iBI will be able to assist you through the BI process.


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Inteactive Dashboards
Power BI Winchester


Based in Winchester


United Kingdom

Call: 0330 0436087

Also, iBI provides consultancy services to Jersey and are regularly on the island with existing clients.


For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please call: 0330 0436087 or fill out the following form

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Are you a UK based BI Professional looking for new opportunities.  Please e-mail a copy of your CV with covering letter outlining why you would be a good candidate to hire.

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